• We are the leading integrated suppliers of
  • Our worldwide customer base is
    active in a wide range of industries
    including food processing and mining.
  • Import
    of various bulk
    agricultural commodities
  • Export
    of precious minerals and metals

Tower Holdings ensures that all operations consistently meet international corporate social responsibility standards and work with all levels of society and government. Leverage our 10+ years of practical expertise.

Tower Holdings Limited Intro

Tower Holdings Limited (“Tower Holdings”) is an international trading company operated by seasoned, serial entrepreneurs. The company was formed in 2009 to be an importer/exporter of specialized agricultural products and later expanded into mining services and infrastructure development. Under its current leadership, Tower Holdings evolved into the importer of various bulk agricultural commodities and exporter of precious minerals and metals and has successfully imported mid-sized shipments of rice and sugar into Ghana in the past few years.
The slow process of building relationships with suppliers, end-users, government agencies, and the U.S. Embassy in Ghana has reached a point where the company has moved to the next plateau to facilitate larger shipments of selected commodities and position itself as a principal supplier of needed basic food supplies, agro products and exporter of precious minerals and metals.

government agencies
international banks
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Our Very Strong Points

Import Strength

Personal collaboration

Hands-on involvement throughout the transaction cycle

Full assurance

Creditable trust relationship between suppliers and Tower Holdings management

Strategic engagements

Agility to act on opportunistic nature of a heavily agro-based business

Export Strength

Risk mitigation

Focused on front-end due diligence

Dynamic management

Driving transaction shipments

Advanced pre-planning

Upfront structuring and financing of the transaction at an institutional level

About Tower Holdings

Tower Holdings is headquartered in Orlando, Florida in the United States and is poised to be among the leading integrated suppliers and marketers of commodities. Tower Holdings’s activities include sourcing, processing, transporting, storing, financing and the supply of agricultural products. We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner in the markets in which we operate. ... Read More

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